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Educators Of The Year

Lenore Conlow -- Ocean Academy Teacher
Lenore Conlow

We are pleased to endorse Lenore Conlow, our Middle School Autism Teacher as the Ocean Academy Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Conlow has been working in our district for over 4 years and her classroom is inviting, engaging and completely transformed to fit the needs of her students.  She holds high expectations in the general academic curriculum and will use functional and academic tasks for instruction, all linked to the NJSLS as part of the discrete trial programs (ABA).  Her students continue to show significant growth and progress in their basic skills in math and reading.  She truly helps them grow the foundational skills necessary for their success, so that they can become functional members of their communities. Lenore is the teacher that goes above and beyond! Congratulations Lenore!




Christina Roberts, Occupational Therapist, OA
Christina Roberts

Christina Roberts is an excellent Occupational Therapist and the students and staff love working with her!  She is a strong proponent of meaningful professional development and often assists her colleagues with activity development, testing, and creating a strong school/family connection.  Christina is a team player who goes out of her way to work with families, connect them with individual community based resources and shows the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality.  Christina demonstrates extensive knowledge of child and adolescent development and is a strong advocate for special education services and supports.  Christina often assumes a leadership role in Related Services Team Meetings and she takes initiative to find individualized  treatment strategies to meet the needs of her diverse caseload.  I strongly recommend Ms. Christina Roberts  for Educational Service Professional of the Year.

Gwen Raring -- Teacher of Restaurant Services, CMCHS
Gwen Raring

We are pleased to endorse Gwen Raring as the Cape May County High School Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Raring  has been working in our district for over 2 years and continually creates an atmosphere in her occupational classroom in which students can develop and grow in all aspects.  Her extreme compassion for her students and their vocational work is contagious. This compassion combined with her utilization of key diagnostic tools (Career Readiness/Key Skills- linked to NJSLS) and collaboration with our related services department (OT, PT, Speech, Counseling, Nursing) allows her to educate the whole child. Her students love every minute working and learning in the Back Porch Cafe. Their love is also demonstrated through their progress in academic and foundational skills, which allows them to be productive citizens, and to help them reach their highest potential in life. Gwen is truly dedicated to our profession, her students and their families. Congratulations Gwen!


Patricia Wiley, Classroom Teacher Aide, CMCHS
Patricia Wiley

Patricia Wiley is a wonderful paraprofessional..  She is a master in assisting teacher with creating materials to meet the needs of our severely disabiled students.  Ms. Wiley is a strong advocate for our students and has recently taken on assisting the teacher with developing our school store/business center.  Ms. Wiley supports her students and has helped to create a safe and warm environment where learning is valued by all.  Ms. Wiley works as a “job coach” in various settings and can always be counted on to provide our students with the support they need to work at their highest levels of independence.  I strongly recommend Ms. Wiley for Educational Service Professional of the Year.