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Child Study Team Services and Resources

Our child study team consists of two school psychologists, a guidance counselor, three licensed clinical school social workers, and a learning disabilities teachers-consultant.

The team's primary function is to case manage individual students, serve as a liaison between our sending districts, and evaluate and design appropriate programs for students who are experiencing learning, health and/or behavioral difficulties.

In addition to the typical Child Study Team services such as performing evaluations and creating IEPs, our team members work closely with the other Related Services Departments and our teachers to develop highly individualized and targeted interventions, making our program unique.  

CST Services Provided: 

  • IEP Development
  • Counseling 
  • Program Development and Coordination of Services
  • Evaluations (Learning, Psychological)
  • Parent Training

We are pleased to announce starting in the 2019-2020 school year we have dedicated one Licensed Clinical Social Worker to provide intensive therapeutic counseling. This individual meets with students on a regular basis and addresses specific trauma based issues affecting the student.

Trauma and therapeutic counseling services

  Gerri Hofferica School Counselor
Case Managers
  Melanie Bobik Case Manager
  Susan Daley Case Manager
  Michele Jenney Case Manager
  Nicole Scheffler Case Manager
Guidance Counselor
  Erin Oleen Guidance Counselor
Community Information