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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

A board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) has specific training in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and provides effective academic and behavioral support for students with special needs and behavioral challenges. ABA is a science that uses the principles of behavior to increase socially significant behavior and decrease problem behaviors that impede learning, social development, and independence. 

A BCBA in a school setting does the following:

  • When warranted, conducts a functional behavior assessment (FBA) to determine the function of a student's maladaptive behavior(s). After the function is hypothesized, a behavior intervention plan (BIP) is written to be implemented by the student’s teacher, related service providers and paraprofessionals who work with the student. 

  • Works with teachers, related service providers, and paraprofessionals to develop skill acquisition programming for academics, functional living skills, and increased social interaction.

  • Develop data collection systems to monitor the effectiveness of BIPs and skill acquisition programming through visual analysis of graphed data. 

  • Consults with school staff to provide behavioral recommendations for classroom management and individual 

  • Provides ongoing supervision to the district’s registered behavior technicians (RBT).

  • Conducts staff training on the principles of ABA and its application in the school setting.


CMCSSSD’s BACB Certifications


A Board Certified Behavior Analyst is a graduate-level position in which an individual is certified in applied behavior analysis. This certification is received through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). 


A Registered Behavior Technician is a behavior analytic certification with a minimum of a high school level education. An RBT provides direct services to the client through the supervision of a BCBA.



The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) is the certifying body that develops and implements the national certification program for behavior analysts. (

  Lori Fessler BCBA
  Sharon Raring BCBA